A session with Jen feels like a massage for the soul.

When I emerge from her peaceful space I feel light and at ease within myself. I feel connected. Sometimes I feel uplifted, inspired and energized, and sometimes I feel calm, quiet and introspective. I always leave Brigid's Way feeling more attuned and empowered, as if I am one step, or, after a particularly moving session, many steps closer to the highest vision of myself.

I think of Jen as a Healer. While some might reserve this title for doctors of modern medicine, I use it to refer to Jen. To me, she is a doctor of ancient medicine; one that treats your body mind and soul.
--Liz Kindig

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Consultations with Jen Frey foster one’s connection with Nature and the guiding force of Love, help tap into the body’s natural healing response, and impart techniques for taking control of one’s own healing process.

A consultation session can include one or more of the following tools or processes, depending on what’s needed:

For physical issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, Lyme's disease, fibromyalgia or insomnia, we might do an energetic method of healing with Flower Essences.

If you are feeling blocked, low energy, in a fog or not yourself, we might remove energies via cutting cords, clearing chakras, eradicating black magic and clearing blockages.

Or we may fill your auric field with beneficial energy, whether it’s Light, Love, Plant-based, or healing from an Archetype such as Mother Mary.

We may utilize the Stiloself, an extraordinary healing instrument for working with the organs and systems of the human body—from macroscopic and DNA levels to the mind and other “subtle” structures of the human being. The intelligence of the Stiloself travels through the body’s systems, supplying the information needed to restore balance and encouraging the body to reprogram itself to normal functioning.

Once your energetic body is clear and strong, the deeper work of dialing into what the soul needs can take place. This can include soul contract journeys, karmic healing, ancestral healing, soul retrievals, balancing limiting beliefs, and more.

While every session is personalized and truly unique (no two are ever the same!), they can include work done through Plant and Flower Essences, Plant Spirit Healing, PSYCH-K, Egg Limpias, shamanic healing practices, and lifestyle changes.

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Having lived with an autoimmune disease (for five years) which had drastically improved through plant medicines, I had regained a good percentage of my health, yet I still had very little joy or hope at the time I connected with Jen.

“Before working with her, I was living an in a perpetual state of overwhelm and low-grade depression (although I did not know it), with an erosive sense of hopelessness. It seemed my health was not the cause of my hopelessness... it was something much, much deeper. Something I could not reach or manipulate with thought, affirmations, journaling, or prayer.

As a highly functioning, successful woman and provider for my family, I carried on with my responsibilities and obligations with an imbalanced generosity for everyone and anyone other than myself. And of course my total need for perfection in my many roles, in spite of my failing health and devastating lack of self-love or self-appreciation, compounded my inability to heal. A familiar story regarding women.

I'd read every book, knew every meditation, taken every tincture, spoke many spiritual languages and beat myself up daily because my vast knowledge made zero difference in how I felt or what I thought was genuinely possible for my life. While others believed me to be okay, robust, resilient and dependable, I was losing any ability to foresee (or believe in) something better.

My first session with Jen was a startling experience. She came to that session after an intake call, which consisted of me telling the story of my life (gulp), with an insight into my current state of being that no one would dare to see when looking at me, living with me or knowing me intimately. Feeling moved, and a bit frightened afterward, but wholly inspired to consider something else for myself for the first time in more than a decade, I knew I'd continue the work and the journey with her.

Working with Jen has been the catalyst to experiencing myself as someone I might appreciate. To know me in a new way. To seeing myself with kinder eyes, unafraid to explore my heart. To finding love and gratitude in a way, I had never felt before. (Yes, I had done many gratitude journals.) Over the many, many months of continuing the work with Jen, the light returned to my eyes and my heart. I found generosity for myself for the very first time; healed old wounds, cleared past traumas, evolved and expanded in ways I could not have even hoped for myself. What I experience now is a possibility that thrills me. I have genuine joy and happiness, not the temporary kind I have experienced after a seminar, class or spiritual gathering over the many, many years of "self-help" I had devoured.

How does one thank someone for giving them not just their life, but a whole new experience of the world filled with possibilities that may have never manifested without them? Thank you, Jen. Thank you for your willingness to see my divinity, hold space for my expansion and evolution, be the catalyst for my healing and for remaining interested in me as I become who I am meant to be. I am breathless.



“When I found Jen, in general I felt "off" in life. Like something was wrong but I couldn't tell what. I had low energy, and felt clouded by subtle apathy and pessimism. I was experiencing feelings of "stuckness."

“I could enthusiastically vision what I wanted to be doing and creating in my life, but couldn't seem to make it happen. I had low self confidence, and was extremely self critical. I felt like a piece of me was missing.

Asking for help has been challenging for me in the past. I didn't want to feel like I was burdening anyone else with my problems, showing signs of weakness, or an inability to figure my stuff out on my own. Even just the act of reaching out to Jen for help has offered me worlds of healing.

Doing work with Jen is a dive into a transformative journey, and with her, I know i am in good hands. Jen exudes warmth and a genuine care for my well-being, at every step in the process. I love having the follow-up conversation after she has worked her magic, hearing all about which plant spirits she called in and what work they did together. The love she extends doesn't end when the phone call is over. Days later a personally formulated flower essence blend arrives in the mail. Working with the essence, along with the "home-play" she offers, allows me to stay grounded and engaged in my own healing process, anchoring the work into a daily practice for weeks afterwards.

I am a completely different person! I can't stress that enough. I have come home to my sense of self. I know who I am. I am optimistic and inspired. I have access to Spirit like never before. I am embodied, and speak with confidence. My life is FULL of potential, I do not feel limited in any way. I am empowered and capable. I am dreaming bigger than ever before. I feel light, I laugh more. Life is brimming with synchronicity.

This new clarity allows for the deep knowing that I am living in alignment with my purpose and my hearts desires. I feel deeply that absolutely anything I could ever need to support my highest thriving is within arms reach, or flowing towards me in every moment. I feel SO supported by this world, so interconnected to the ever-present love surrounding me, so connected to the wisdom and guidance offered to me in every moment. I am creating and sharing art, I am hearing the wisdom of the plants around me, I am stepping into my role as a healer. I am doing what makes me happy, and my world is filled with more joy and inner peace than I've ever experienced.

Thank you Jen for giving of yourself generously. The warmth of your heart is felt in every ounce of your work. You have changed my life. You and the plants have ushered me home, to the reawakened truth of who I am.”



“Before I started working with Jen I was diagnosed and treated for stage III breast cancer at the age of 46.  

Deep down I knew there were underlying emotional reasons for my dis-ease.  I worked on them myself during the "traditional" cancer treatments and had a good understanding of where they were coming from.  But, understanding that they are there and knowing how to transform them are totally different.

After my traditional treatments and the eradication of the cancer.  I knew I now had to look at my body, mind and spirit from a wholistic view and needed to heal what had initially caused the dis-ease within my body.  I began seeing an herbalist for diet and health. I thought I had worked through the emotional reasons on my own. But, my monkey mind kept thinking I was doomed and that I wasn't going to make it 2 years from this time without a relapse or worse, I was paranoid.  A friend shared with me the great work of Jen and I made an appointment right away.

During my first visit I was nervous to share my story with anyone; shame, anger, resentment and so many other emotions bottled up inside me that caused all this stagnation I was always taught to just deal with them and be strong.  But, Jen has a way with making you feel safe in the process, she has a way of getting to the root of the issues and asking the necessary questions to help you through the healing process. She does employee some unique techniques during the session and explains what she is doing all the while, always creating a feeling of comfort and trust in the process.  

I'm not sure what she did but, before my second session with Jen, for the first time in nine months, I was no longer thinking doom and gloom for my life, I was able to sleep better and felt a glimmer of hope for my future, my monkey mind had finally calmed down.  I continued to see Jen for a number of sessions and wondrously through the use of her plant allies and other tools in in her medicine bag I was able to transform all these past emotions to a place of forgiveness and love.

My life has changed since I started working with Jen, I have better relationships with my husband, family and friends.  I've forgiven people that I never thought I had to forgive, which has opened up more space for more love in my life than I have ever had.  I'm a stronger person, I speak my truth and I sleep better, I'm more confident and I don't let what others do bother me so much, I have more patience and understanding and most of all I know that I can have a long, happy and fulfilling life.

If I hadn't made the call to Jen I know today would have been a different story, I'd have been dealing with a breakdown and a relapse and possibly worse.   

Thank you Jen for your extraordinary kindness and patience with me through my healing process.  This is what I tell my friends, just like everyone needs a doctor, dentist or mechanic, I feel as though everyone needs a Jen in their lives to help heal their spirit.

~ Wendy

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